Ruby on Rails vs. Java

Ruby on Rails is a web framework (web application framework). Rails is written in Ruby and is under MIT License. This framework follows the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern. It provides default structures for databases, web pages, and web services. Rails facilitates and encourages the utilization of web standards like XML (data transfer), HTML, JSON, CSS, and JavaScript (user and display interfacing). Basing on the MVC pattern, Rails has given emphasis on using other software engineering paradigms and patterns that are well known. This includes Do not Repeat Yourself (DRY), convention cover configuration (CoC), and active record patterns.

What is Java?

Java is a concurrent, object-oriented, and class-based language in computer programming. It is designed specifically for few implementations of dependencies. “Write once, run everywhere”(WORA) is the ability that it gives to applications developers wherein all Java code compilations can function on all types of platforms supporting Java without recompilation. This network application develops and delivers mobile apps, web content, games, and enterprise software.


Ruby on Rails Java
  • The scripting language in Ruby on Rails and directly runs without compiling first and generating of byte code.
  • To import module or package, Rails uses require statement. External files are included in Ruby applications through require and load.
  • Variables are typed dynamically.
  • nil is the null value in Rails.
  • In Rails, everything is considered objects such as methods, numbers, and variables.
  • Member variables are all private.
  • No casting used because variables are typed dynamically and can be assigned to other type.
  • Defines method or class block with end keyword.
  • Constructor sets defaultMsg value; Rails provide initialize function to class instantiation.
  • Classes are instantiated through new class method.
  • With provisions of extending another class
  • Begin-rescue-ensure-end construct handles exceptions.
  • Java apps require compiling before running.
  • The import statement in Java loads the package.
  • Variables are typed statically
  • null is the value for Java.
  • Classes are the only ones with objects.
  • Member variables have default package access which can be declared private, public or protected through identifiers.
  • Objects can be casted to other object types.
  • Uses braces in defining method or class block.
  • Class name is the constructor.
  • Class instantiated with new Java operator
  • With provisions of extending another class
  • Try-catch-finally construct handles exceptions.


Ruby on Rails and Java may have parallel features but Rails does not necessarily replace Java. Ruby is deliberately picked by Rail’s author because of huge interest. He thought that it would a shame for the world to miss out on this superb language.

Today, most developers affirm on Rails being handy. It is very versatile as a tool. One reason why Rails is popular nowadays because of its tech startups that is great for fast prototyping. Application developers can build Rails applications, upload it online and in just few hours, it will be ready for use. It doesn’t matter whether you learn Rails first than JavaScript. However, it is a fact that Rails can be learned easily. It was designed to bring happiness to programmers.

Using Ruby on Rails for Faster Ecommerce Development


Today, there are various shopping centers can be found online. Owners of the ecommerce stores want to have an easy to use store builder and fully customized ecommerce store design. It is just two of their way to attain more visitors and shoppers to gain further development and growth for their business. It has been more challenging to obtain a double-digit growth as the years as passing, and with the numbers of online shopping centers, it is hard to chase the increasing demand of ecommerce business. However, Ruby on rails development tools can help you out to leverage your presence and to help the business effectively sustain its value through the years.

To evolve their site, other retailers are having new strategies, realizing the importance of owning a presence and resources to offer to the shoppers to meet their expectation. It is not just about the happiness that customers may feel, but it must also about their satisfaction for you to meet and exceed. Ruby on rails development environment is one of the proof that retailers have the chance to meet the expectations and demands with a speed, innovative and flexible way to make the business stay at the top. This is one of the existing modern, flexible, and faster technology, which results to a robust and sophisticated system that move and react in an unprecedented pace.

Ruby on rails is the open source web application framework and language enables the rapid and fast development of the ecommerce system provided by Ruby on rails development environment windows. Its flexibility enable the maintenance and creation of the website becomes more affordable while delivering a faster development, enhanced performance and quicker times to the market – making a game changer option for following reasons:

  • Efficiency

Costs to build and maintain your website is less, so you can implement changes in a snap.

  • Flexibility

It is easy to achieve a product sorting algorithms, custom pricing engines, and product thumbnails.

  • Performance

The sites will be launched and modified faster; sometimes the cutting time for development is half due to modular designs. The developers are reusing the components and incorporating the plug-ins instead of creating functionality from scratch.

  • User-friendly content and administration management

Ruby on Rails enables flexible web architectures in Ruby on rails development company to deliver fast and user-friendly sites adopted by other successful online companies found in the internet. For example, there is a clothing brand, which launched their first-ever online shopping store after their direct selling business to their consumers. With Ruby on Rails, their site will live and can immediately build a strong relationship between the consumers and the business owner using a brand with a visually engaging site that respond well to the product sales and demands.

With a feature of Ruby on rails development services, the shoppers will saw a site auto complete search and suggestion in every site pages; the user-centric checkout experience that is designed for a maximum conversions; and the fully scalable platform capable to handle the considerable growth and production.